How a Man should Handle an Out-of-Control Dog

If you want to handle your dog effectively, then you need to first set the right control on them. For example, if a teacher is going to teach a class of 40 students, all the students should be placed in their appropriate places. Then, only the teacher could teach them well. When I had Jack the Labrador dog breed with me, he used to get violent and jump on the face of the people coming to my home.

I had to do something for this out-of-control behavior. That’s when I got to know about the importance of control in dogs, and have got the idea which worked for me.

Man should Handle an Out-of-Control Dog

How a Man should Handle an Out-of-Control Dog

For controlling your dog, you will need two leashes (6 feet), 1 harness, and some rewarding treats. First set the no jump harness are good training tool for puppies on your dog, and then attach the leash on the harness. After that loop around the end of the leash by passing it through the leg of a table or a couch thing.

Now the second leash will be set on their collar end. Both the leashes have their own separate purposes. The leash on the front is known as guiding leash, while the one on the back side is known as the Anchor Leash.

The test begins now, first you will have to pull the front leash. This will lock up the dog’s body and then hold a treat a couple of feet away from them. They will struggle a lot at this point, you need to hold them firmly. Once they decide to give up, they get calmer. Let them be in the calm state for a complete 3 seconds. Then serve them the treat!

This will help in making your pet understand the importance of control and will keep them calm often.

Some more additional tips to keep in mind on handling your Out-of-Control Dog:

  1. Reward your pet when he or she listens to you. But also, keep reminding them that you are still the boss.
  2. Leash training is a nice way of training your dog.
  3. Clicker training is also another effective way. It is a small tool which comes with a button on it. You have to press it which makes a click sound, and you could get some work done by your pet.
  4. Get a professional help on how to train and instill well-behavior in dogs.

These are the tips that did help me in controlling Jack. I am sure they will help in solving your issue too. Did you have anything to share with us relating to the discussion? Comment them below!