Best Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews 2017

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Best Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews

Cuisinart is an American based company which was started by Carl Sontheimer in the year 1971. They started with the production of a food processor, and from then there was no looking back for this brand.

Among all their products, Cuisinart SS-10 remains our Best Pick. We will check out a complete review in the following section.

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS-10 is number one recommendation in the Cuisinart Single Serve systems. This is one of the premium systems which can work on different brewing sizes including 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces.

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker

To get started with this Coffee Maker, choose the appropriate coffee maker size, and then set the right temperature. There you go, you are all set to enjoy your favorite coffee!

You can make a hot cup of coffee, cocoa, tea, soup on this Cuisinart Single Serve system. Here you will get one Reusable HomeBarista filter along with the main brewer system.

This coffee maker is also K-cup compatible, so this helps you to make the best use of the system.


  • The Large capacity of the water reservoir results in less refilling process.
  • Unique controls like the Rinse option helps with maintaining this Cuisinart brewer.
  • It comes with an auto turn-off feature, and this is set to 30 minutes by default
  • This coffee maker includes one clean function and is also BPA-free


  • The quality of the plastic used in the making is reportedly low
  • Same issue is found with the button controls on the brewer system

Cuisinart is among the trusted names in the coffee maker industry. We will try to highlight some of the major features present in this coffee brewer system. The storage capacity is found to be high, and thus you will have to deal with fewer refills.

The water reservoir has got the size of 72 ounces; it accepts five brewer sizes – they range from 4 to 12 ounces. This coffee maker is completely programmable one and comes with a removable drip tray.

One charcoal filter is present in this Cuisinart unit, and this helps in enhancing the taste of the resulting coffee.

The three main operation controls given on this include Brew, Hot Water, and finally Rinse. With the Hot Water option, you could get access to hot water for making quick tea, coffee, etc. While the Rinse option can be used for cleaning the brewing chamber.

Here the peculiarity of the Rinse option is that you can run this option in between the brewing process. As mentioned before, you will get one HomeBarista Filter Cup, and thus you can make use of your favorite coffee grounds here.

This product also doesn’t require any heating time, and the brewing time is less than a minute mostly.

Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand

As the name goes, it is a Coffee-on-Demand, and that means that you could enjoy your favorite coffee whenever you feel to have one cup.

Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand

This unit can dispense one cup of coffee at a time, and the reservoir is capable of holding upto 12 cups of coffee within it. This coffee maker includes easy to understand display where you could know how many coffee cups are left.

The water reservoir is removable in nature, and this helps with cleaning the unit mainly. Another unique quality of this reservoir is that it is double-walled construction.

As mentioned before the reservoir is removable, and this quality helps during the cleaning process.


  • You will find easy controls on this Cuisinart system, thus making it simple for newbies out there
  • This unit is BPA free in nature and comes with a charcoal filter within for coffee taste enhancement
  • Removable water reservoir assists the best in cleaning process
  • You won’t much quality coffee makers like this one, and also at an affordable rate


  • Some users have mentioned quality related issues for this coffee maker
  • Also, durability of the unit is found to be another matter of concern

There is one charcoal water filter included within it, and this makes the coffee taste great. It comes with an advance brew setting, and this can be set prior to making coffee.

This is one entirely programmable unit and comes with an auto shut-off feature. Thus making the coffee maker energy efficient, and money saver.

While we are talking about the cleaning of the unit, make sure that you remove the coffee storage as well as the water reservoirs. It has got one lever which has to be pushed to fill the coffee cup.

The control panel of this Cuisinart DC-3000 begins with the coffee gauge, then comes the clock display, and below that you will find the AM and PM buttons.

There is one functional knob present on this coffee maker, and the functions given here include auto on/off, program, brew, and clock. It also includes one tone, which the system makes when the coffee is ready to serve.

Therefore, here we are winding up the Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker reviews. Hope you guys found this piece of information useful. For any queries, write to us by commenting below.

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Best Kitchen Canister Sets Reviews 2017 | Modern Canisters Must Have

Canisters can certainly help keep your dry goods fresh, particularly if they are airtight, and they keep bugs and other household pests away from your food.

But canisters can also serve as the perfect accent piece to your kitchen decor, so it would be a shame to hide them away in a cabinet or choose plain-Jane plastic canisters when there is a plethora  of decorative canisters from which to choose.

Best Kitchen Canister Sets Reviews 2017

Best Kitchen Canister Sets Reviews 2017

Lets examine a few ways that kitchen canisters can be used to punch up various kitchen decorating themes.

Classic Kitchen Decor

Classic Kitchen Decor- If you enjoy classic or traditional kitchen decor, chances are you are using various neutral shades of black, white and gray.

These neutral colours are found in the vintage kitchen decor of the 1920s and 30;. You might have black and white floor tiles, white subway back splash tiles and perhaps Carrera marble for your counter tops.

If this is the case, you might accent this neutral color palette with a set of red kitchen canisters. Black would also be an elegant color choice for your canister set.

Tuscan Kitchen Theme

Tuscan Kitchen Theme- Tuscan decor has been very popular over the past few years,with its warm color palette and casual elegance.

Most Tuscan kitchen themes use warm dark woods on the cabinets and plenty of lifelike elements, such as wood or stone floors and stone or tile back splashes.

You will want your kitchen canister set to echo this natural tone, so consider casual stone canisters or plain glazed ceramic canisters. Keep the colors warm and earthy such as brown, rust or deep mustard.

Make sure your canisters dont look too modern or they will fight with the authentic Tuscan theme.

Modern Kitchen Decor

Modern Kitchen Decor- Modern kitchen designs feature solid neutral colors and long clean lines. You would never want to clutter a modern kitchen with kitchen canisters that are too bold or busy.

Stainless steel canisters may be an excellent decorating choice for your modern kitchen, as long as you dont already feature too much stainless in your appliances and fixtures.

If you do already have a great deal of stainless in the room, consider a set of black canisters to break up the stainless without attracting being a distraction.

Glass canisters are also an option for your modern kitchen, but because they show the interior of the container, you only want a small set of 3 canisters and even then, you need to be choosy about what you decide to store, since it will break up the site lines of your modern kitchen.

Eclectic Kitchen Theme

Eclectic Kitchen Theme- Perhaps your kitchen doesn’t sport a particular decorating style. This gives you lots of opportunity to choose a fun canister set that fits the unique personality of your kitchen.

You might indulge in a crazy color that compliments the total color scheme of your kitchen, choosing snappy yellow canisters for a very colorful kitchen, or perhaps a set of sunflower canisters if you like casual country accents.

Of course, you can always go whole hog and choose a pink piglet canister set for your farm style kitchen or a set of ceramic canisters in the shape of houses just for fun.

in truth, your choice of kitchen canisters is limited only by your imagination. So toss away those boring plastic canisters, or at least hide them in the cupboard while you display your stylish new canisters front and center on your kitchen shelf.