Kitchen Faucet Reviews- Brushed Nickel & Kohler K-15160-CP Spray

Brushed Nickel is known as one of the most durable all contemporary kitchen faucets, thanks to brushed nickel finish.

The product also scores heavily in terms of functionality. The high rise swivel spout makes its easy to use. The spout has a height of 11 inches, and a forward reach of 8 inches.

Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet Reviews

The installation process is a hassle free 4 hole installation with a standard 8 inch drill. The Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet from Premier is considered by many users as a perfect blend of utility and economy.

The manufacturer is presently offering a limited lifetime warranty with this faucet.

The product has been highly appreciated by over 90% of its users. These satisfied customers have assigned an overall rating of 4.5 stars based on its performance.

We have reviewed all the features and feedbacks carefully to conduct this review. This review is aimed at providing you an unbiased idea about the pros and cons of the faucet.

The Negative Reviews

Our experience of conducting reviews tells us that no product is flawless. Unfortunately, the same was found to be the case with the Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet from Premier.

Some customers opined that the entire assembly is a little flimsy. The faucet does not hold up for a longer period of time.

Sometimes the entire assembly flexes both up and down when the head of the faucet is swung. The metal parts have developed cracks in some areas which are constantly flexed.

The sprayer design is also poor, and the rigid hose does not easily fit in to the plastic holder. In some cases, the sprayer got detached after using it for a few months.

The installation process can be a painful process. It takes a lot of time and effort to install the faucet.

There have been some reported incidents of damaged items delivered to the buyers. Unfortunately, the customer support has not been of much help in such situations.

The Positive Reviews

More than 90% of the customers shared their wonderful experience with their new kitchen faucet. They have recommended this product for all future buyers.

Almost all users have confessed that they were pleasantly surprised by the excellent features and affordable price of the product. The product has lived up to all their expectations so far.

The faucet takes little time to install and provides all the comforts expected of it. The height of the faucet makes is easier to wash utensils with different shapes and sizes.

It looks beautiful in the kitchen due to its aesthetic design features.

Wee enquired particularly about the sprayer. However, most of the customers denied having any issues with it.  The handles are also very smooth and they turn very easily.

The overall built of the product is very string and durable. Majority of the users were satisfied with the on time shipping, as well.

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The Conclusion

The Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet from Premier is certainly a good choice for comfort and style that it brings to your lifestyle. The price of the item is one more reason to buy it.

The features offered by this faucet are extremely difficult to find within its price range. This is the best pick if you are looking for perfect value for your hard earned money.

Kohler K-15160-CP Spray Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Kohler K-15160-CP Spray Kitchen Faucet Reviews

The K-15160 kitchen faucet comes equipped with a ceramic valve that is heavy duty and made to resist debris as well as hard water build up.

It has a programmable temperature limit which allows you to set the highest temperature in order to prevent scalding.

It also features a temperature memory setting which allows you to pre-set water temperature for dish washing.

KOHLER K-15160-CP Coralais Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet Features

  • Temp limiter to prevent scalding
  • Ceramic valve prevents hard water build-up
  • Temp memory
  • Meets ADA requirements

KOHLER K-15160-CP Coralais Single-Control Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet Reviews

The majority of the users who have purchased the KOHLER K-15160-CP Coralais Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet are extremely happy with their purchases.

Out of over 30 reviews we looked at while researching this product there were over 27 four and five star ratings.

First of all, most reviewers chose this product because of the looks. It is a gorgeous kitchen faucet and makes a nice addition to almost any kitchen, no matter what the design.

Secondly they chose it because of the features. The temperature limiter is great for families that have small children to prevent scalding and the temperature memory is a great feature as well.

No more adjusting between hot and cold to find the perfect dishwashing temperature!

One thing we should mention that was brought to our attention by another reviewer is water pressure issues however.

This is no fault of the kitchen faucet but the reviewer stated that since they are on a private well and have very low water pressure to begin with the KOHLER K-15160-CP Coralais Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet was not a good match for them because they couldn’t provide enough pressure to the kitchen faucet.

Aside from this fact however the only other real issues that people had with this kitchen faucet stemmed from manufacturers defects which were few and far between.

KOHLER also has a great reputation when it comes to customer service so this really isn’t an issue.