The Path of the Heart Warrior is Decided Upon When We Choose to Face Our Deepest Fears, Insecurities, and Limiting Beliefs.

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Have you ever had an experience that brought up so much emotional pain that you felt yourself shut down?

This is very common for the majority of people currently living in today's society. Many of us have been shamed, harassed, and put down because of our unique sensitivity - and in doing so, have learned to push away our emotions.

Many times, the mind has been trained, in an effort to protect the ego (i.e. who we believe we are), to push away and harbor unfelt emotions in different areas of the body. Every time we make the choice to avoid our emotions, we are simply allowing them to fester and grow deeper into our begins.

You are POWERFUL! With every thought, emotion, action, and decision, you create how the following moment will unfold. And whenever we choose to not face the resistance and emotions we feel in any situation, we create internal entanglement which strangles our power to take focused and clear action (and eventually create results).

I've faced this resistance many times, and still do, almost daily. But through developing my internal awareness and willingness to evolve, I have trained my unconscious to move into the fears, contractions, and limiting beliefs. By doing so, my life has expanded beyond anything previously imaginable.

Who is Michael Austin Jacobs?

Michael Austin Jacobs is a 23 year old #1 Best-Selling Author, Power Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur, and Professional Speaker. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo! Entertainment, and much more. He is also an active contributing writer for and Under30CEO.

Michael has traveled the world and sought out great teachers in order to learn and share a message with greater purpose. Learn more about Michael and his journey here.



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