Let's Show Them The Way. Let's Show Them We Are Chosen.

And So Are They.


You have power to create beyond the mind can perceive. Truth is, this is your hour and time to focus and succeed.

And take yourself beyond the limits you have come to believe only to see that deep inside lies the greatest expression of the way in the world you can be.

The power you have lies within. To proceed through thick and thin.

To find a means to and end.

To break through the trends and send your inspirations to the next level. Through the creative process, you have the ability to create a blend of heart and mind - a creative rebel.

Not following the system and the way they tell you to be, just to become stronger internally.

When the people, who are believed to be weak, seek the guidance to break their boundaries, it will be your opportunity to stand up and lead.

Will you take the steps to be the fullest version of yourself you can be? Will you realize your potential spans infinitely beyond your thoughts can see? Will you call upon the greatest parts of yourself to find the truth inside and express your passion externally?

You have the power. You have the strength. This is the hour to become the highest rank that you can be in this moment, let go just to notice the full potent power that you create with every notion, so there is no need to wait - go full pace.

Let's show them the way. Let's show them we are the chosen.

And so are they.

Who is Michael Austin Jacobs?

Michael Austin Jacobs is a 23 year old Spoken Word Artist, #1 Best-Selling Author, Guide to Your Greatest Expression, and Serial Entrepreneur. Michael uses his creative channel through spoken word to deliver perspective-shifting messages to open the minds and hearts of his listeners. Through his messages, Michael intends to inspire his generation to expand their awareness of major world issues and show them the ability we each have to create change within these issues.

Michael has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo! Entertainment, and much more. He is also an active contributing writer for Entrepreneur.com and Under30CEO.

Michael has traveled the world and sought out great teachers in order to learn and share a message with greater purpose. Learn more about Michael and his journey here.



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