Creativity...Infinite Energy...Effortless Action...

It All Lies Within The Power of Your Inner Child.

Are You Ready To Set Your Inner Child Free?


The heart has your mission. 

It’s wanting to come out. To be spoken. To be shared. 

But something feels missing…as if a part has yet to be integrated…to be embodied…

The more you push for what you desire, the more you get it…but that “something” still feels like it is missing. 

Where is this block occurring? Where can I integrate more?

The mind goes off on more thought patterns of how to “heal” and become more fulfilled. 

But the truth is, there is no more need for healing. You are whole. 

In your mind, you know the path. You have seen the truth.

And if the channels between your mind, your heart, and the rest of your body are not working in union, there will be a subtle resistance that will limit your ability to embody your Truth. 

Now, it becomes a game of how much you can unwind the patterns of the mind that are holding you back from embodying and embracing the Truth of who you are…the creative…the joy…the pain…the guilt…the success…the excitement…ALL OF IT. 

So, how much can you embrace?


Who is Michael Austin Jacobs?

Michael Austin Jacobs is a 23 year old Spoken Word Artist, #1 Best-Selling Author, Coach/Mentor to Your Greatest Expression, and Serial Entrepreneur. Michael uses his creative channel through spoken word to deliver target perspective-shifting messages to open the minds and hearts of his listeners, whether individually or in a group. Through his messages, Michael intends to unwind the limiting conditioning of his own human experience and to do the same with anyone else who is willing and desiring to journey beside him.

Michael has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo! Entertainment, and much more. He is also an active contributing writer for and Under30CEO.

Michael has traveled the world and sought out great teachers in order to learn and share a message with greater purpose. Learn more about Michael and his journey here.



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